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James 1:2  says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,”

Jim Elliot was so excited about his mission to Ecuador, all while fully aware of the risk and danger he was about to face head on. A trial he faced while in Ecuador was reaching out to this tribe and spreading the message of God, hopefully allowing it to reach those that it otherwise wouldn’t have. James tells us that by being joyful in facing trials, this shows our love for God in our commitment to doing His will.

James 1:27 says, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

James is saying here that God wants us to take care of those who need care, to watch over those who need extra attention, and to do what we can to help them. Jim Elliot, being a missionary, recognized God’s call to him telling him that he should share his knowledge and love for God to those who aren’t normally exposed to it. Missionaries are really important in our world because the message of God can get polluted and distorted; by sharing the word of God, people can know of God’s grace, mercy and love for every single one of us, even in their distress.

James 3:13 says, ” Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”

The Bible tells us in the Old Testament that true wisdom comes from God, and we can receive it no other way. With our acquired wisdom from the Father, we can put it into action. Our lives and the way they are lived is a main indicator of a true Christian. If we ask God for wisdom, and receive it, it should be evident in our lives and how we act in certain situations. Jim Elliot showed his God gained wisdom through how he responded to the Auca tribe. Their reputaion was well-known, and yet he never treated them differently for that. He knew that God wanted him to share the Word with this tribe, and through his actions and approach to the Aucas, Jim showed his willingness to follow God.
*Remember, our James study guide says (on page 81 in ‘Truth for Today’), “But nothing more clearly summarizes the character of a genuine believer than a desire to do the will of God.” *


A memorial service for Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint and Roger Youderian was held on January 8, 2006, at the very spot where they were murdered in Ecuador exactly 50 years prior. 

The Waorani Indian church leaders planned and led a three-day conference that culminated with baptisms and a communion service. Among those leading were two of the men who had participated in the spearing of the five missionaries.

Side Note: In the early 1950s, the Waorani were called “Auca,” meaning “naked savage,” by the surrounding Indian groups. Even the nearby oil companies and the Ecuadorian government referred to them by this name.

If you have read about Steve Saint, the tribe they encounter is the same tribe that killed Jim Elliot and the other missonaries, however,  Steve Saint and the wives of the martyr missionaries refer to the tribe as the Waorani instead of the Auca Tribe.

The Curaray River: A river in eastern Ecuador and is part of the Amazon River basin


Question to think about:
What had brought about this significant change among the Auca people? Why had so many chosen to walk God’s trail?

By the Word of God

As Christians, living for God is amazing. Doing things that you know will make Him happy often makes us happy, which is great! One main thing that God calls us to do, and as far back in the Old Testament as you can search, God’s always said to do this: listen to Him. Obviously, listening to God can be hard when we think we can’t even hear Him, but the easiest way to figure out what God wants us to do is to look in His Word. That’s the reason the bible even exists! It’s a direct connection between God and us; if we need help, we know where to find it.

Reading your bible is only the first step, however. James 1:22 says this: “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” This is a simple message; God wants us to listen to him and act on the information we receive.

Jim Elliot is a great example to follow. Even as a little kid, he always wanted to do good things for God. Through Gates of Splendor, a book written about Jim’s life written by his wife Elizabeth Elliot, mentions one point in Jim’s life as a teenager where he would quote scripture as excuses for not attending parties and other things he was apposed to. This shows how commited he was to living by God’s Word, which is an extremely important part of Christian life. Jim always new that scripture told him what God was telling him, and he stuck by that his entire life.

This is a link to the trailer of the movie/documentary, Beyond The Gates of Splendor, based on the life of Jim Elliot.

There are various interviews, real footage and photos from time these events happened, some reenactments, and recent footage with Steve Saint and his family living with the tribe.


For those of you who were in grade 8 Bible class with Ms. Wergeland, you might recall watching this movie. If you haven’t seen this movie, or just forget what it’s about, it’s an inspiring and truly phenomenal testimony of Jim Elliot so you should really consider watching it!

Jim Elliot and the four other missionaries tried to spread the gospel to an Ecuadorian-Indian trip called the Aucas.
Previous to Jim Elliot’s mission to South America, few knew of this tribe.

Time magazine referred to the Aucas as the “worst people on earth”.
They were pure Stone Age people, who despised strangers and lived only to fight, hunt and kill.
The Aucas killed for sport, lust, jealously or simply irritation.
Murder was the most significant cause of death among the Aucas.
Seventy-four per cent of all Auca men died through violent tribal warfare.
Even their neighbors, the Jivaros, famous for shrinking human heads, live in constant fear of the fierce Aucas.

Despite knowing that the Aucas were extremely dangerous and even deadly,
Jim Elliot knew that God had called him to Ecuador so he went and glorified the Lord through his actions.

Jim stated before leaving to Ecuador, “Grieve not, if you sons seem to desert you, but rejoice, rather seeing the will of God done gladly.”

Auca Tribe

Modern Day Martyrs

Jim Elliot, along with the men who accompanied him on his mission, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Pete Flemming and Roger Youderian were immediately referred to as martyrs after their bodies were discovered in 1956 in Ecuador.

Martyrs, more easily recognized in the early church because of the mass killings and severe prosecution of that time, are considered to follow the example that Jesus set in offering up their lives as a sacrifice to bring about the Kingdom of God. This definition describes these men perfectly. They knew the risk of encountering this tribe; it was known as murderous, and nobody had survived metting them. Jim Elliot and his friends were martyrs because they sacrificed themselves to follow God and do what He willed them to do. They followed in Jesus’ example because they gave their lives so that others may hear about it and want to pursue God as a result.


The question is, how much are you willing to sacrifice to follow God?


Hey, welcome to our blog! We’re mainly going to be talking about a man named Phillip Jim Elliot, a missionary who was killed while trying to evangelize a small tribe in Ecuador in 1956. His story is incredibly inspriring, and his life’s devotion to God even more so. We hope that through this blog and learning about Jim Elliot’s life, you can take away new knowledge about how to completely live for God and see the great love He has for us! Enjoy!

Jim Elliot

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